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  1. Cyber-attacks by state actors: seven moments to stop an attack

    Dutch (government) organisations and companies are being targeted on a large scale by cyber-attacks by state actors. This ...

    Publication | 29-11-2021

  2. Questionnaire security screening C

    Form | 06-10-2021

  3. Questionnaire security screening B

    Form | 06-10-2021

  4. Questionnaire security screening A

    Form | 06-10-2021

  5. AIVD Annual Report 2020

    On this page you can download an accessible version of the AIVD Annual report 2020

    Annual report | 04-06-2021

  6. AIVD Annual Report 2019

    On this web page you can download the AIVD Annual Report 2019. In this report, we look back on our activities of the past year.

    Annual report | 03-09-2020

  7. Espionage, how to recognise and counter it

    This AIVD-publication informs people on how to protect themselves against espionage andwhat they can do to counter these attempts.

    Publication | 17-07-2020

  8. Publication AIVD: Offensive cyber-programmes - An ideal business model for states

    AIVD-publication about offensive (state-sponsored) cyber-programmes: they have become an ideal business model for states.

    Publication | 26-02-2020

  9. Is there a law that defines national security?

    The Intelligence and Security Services Act 2017 (Wiv 2017): although the term national security is used in the Act, no definition ...

    Question and answer

  10. Is the intelligence that the AIVD obtains admissible in a court?

    Yes, for third parties the AIVD issues official reports, which contain the findings of an investigation. These reports may be ...

    Question and answer