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Publication 'Travelling abroad - Safety risks' now available in English

Be advised that travelling abroad for professional purposes makes you a possible target for espionage. The same applies to...

Publication | 16-04-2018

Where do I go if I have general questions on security screening procedures?

Go to www.aivd.nl and click Security Screening for more information.

Question and answer

Where do I go if I have another question about eOPG?

For any other questions you may have, please contact the Security Screening Front Office at 079 320 5227, on weekdays between...

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What will happen after I sent in my digital OPG?

After receiving the completed security screening application, the Security Screening Unit will commence work on the application...

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Will my prospective employer be notified after I have successfully completed and sent in my digital OPG, or do I have to notify them myself?

You do not have to notify them yourself. Your (prospective) employer will automatically receive an email to inform them that...

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After completing my digital OPG and sending it in, will I receive confirmation?

After you (and your partner) have successfully signed the OPG with your DigiDs, the application will notify you on screen. You...

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Why does my partner have to sign my digital OPG with the use of a DigiD with 2-factor authentication?

A security screening will look into your personal conduct and circumstances. Your partner is a part of this investigation and...

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How can my partner log in to my digital OPG?

When you have signed your digital OPG with your DigiD, click Log Out at the top of your screen. This will return you to the...

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What is the next step after I have completed filling in my digital OPG?

Once you have answered all (mandatory) questions and eOPG does not indicate any errors or open questions, you can add your...

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Can I download a completed digital OPG and save it locally?

Yes, you can. When you have finished compiling the OPG and before you click Send, you can download a pdf version of your...

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