It is a matter of great importance to the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) that this website is accessible to everyone. That includes visitors who have vision or hearing issues. That is why we are working hard to comply fully with the applicable guidelines for web content accessibility (WCAG 2.1) at the AA level.

As of 23 September 2020 all government agencies are expected to work on improving the accessibility of their websites. The progress made in this respect is indicated by a status. This status varies from E, non-compliance with the guidelines, to A, complete compliance.

Currently this website meets 43 of the 50 criteria, giving it a B status.

What we are doing to improve accessibility

  • Independent experts have assessed the accessibility of (parts of) the website and will continue to do so on a regular basis.
  • In the design and navigation of the website we take accessibility into account.
  • We strive to remove the few obstacles that remain in the coming months. Wo do this in collaboration with the Platform Rijksoverheid Online.

What we will be doing to improve accessibility

  • Not all PDF documents that should be accessible, meet all the accessibility criteria. In the coming months these PDF files will also be made accessible. This will be done by using better tags and bookmarks, or by publishing the files in HTML.
  • Videos now have captions as well as text alternatives. Soms of the text alternatives will be improved and expanded.
  • Images will not come with text alternatives if there is no reason to include them. When they are necesssary, the text alternatives will be exhaustive and correct.
  • The Platform Rijksoverheid Online will see to it that the infrastructure of this website meets all functional and technical requirements for accessibility.

Registry of accessibility declarations

Click here to read the AIVD's accessibility declaration (in Dutch) in the registry of accessibility declarations.

Scope of the declaration

This declaration applies to all the webpages under:

Basis for this declaration

The declaration is based on this report (in Dutch): WCAG 2.1. inspectierapport - niveau AA.