Do you have information that might be of importance to the AIVD, for instance regarding terrorism or espionage? In that case you can either call or write us. If your message concerns a critical, life-threatening situation, please contact the police by dialling the emergency telephone number 112.

The AIVD can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any information provided will be handled in strict confidence. We will never disclose who has provided information (source protection). This is provided for by law.

We can be contacted by telephone or in writing only; you cannot email the AIVD, because email traffic is vulnerable to hacking and eavesdropping.

• Telephone number: +3179 – 320 50 50
• Fax number: +3170 – 320 07 33


Call the police

Does your call concern a critical, life-threatening situation? Then contact the police by dialling the emergency telephone number 112.

The AIVD is not an investigative authority and only investigates matters which are a threat to national security. If you have information regarding criminal activities which are not related to our areas of interest, please contact the police instead.

P.O. Box

Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
P.O. Box 20010
2500 EA The Hague

Visit the AIVD

The AIVD is located on the Europaweg 4 in Zoetermeer. All visitors must be registered before their visit

General Intelligence and Security Service, Europaweg 4, Zoetermeer

File a complaint about the AIVD

If you feel the AIVD has acted in an improper manner towards you or someone else, you can file a complaint about this.

Communications department

The AIVD has a Communications department which disseminates general information regarding the service. This department also sees to the publication of the AIVD's various reports and brochures. The reports and brochures can be accessed digitally on the webpage AIVD publications.

You can contact the Communications department by dialing the AIVD's general phone number.

Requests for access to AIVD information

It is possible to file a request to consult information held by the AIVD. This can be information in relation to your person, a deceased relative or a particular subject.

The Intelligence and Security Services Act (Wiv 2017) determines which information the AIVD can or cannot provide. For more information go to the webpage on requests for access to information (in Dutch).