Tasks and areas of interest

Under the 2017 Intelligence and Security Services Act (Wiv 2017), the AIVD has six tasks. Our areas of interest are also important to our work.


The AIVD's main tasks are:

  • investigating individuals and organisations;
  • conducting security screenings;
  • promoting the security of vital sectors;
  • gathering international intelligence;
  • drawing up risk and threat analyses;
  • (upon request) reporting on data processed by the service on designated persons or bodies.

Areas of interest

The AIVD has several areas of particular interest:

  • terrorism, radicalism and Islamic fundamentalism;
  • left-wing, right-wing extremism;
  • covert interference by foreign powers;
  • proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;
  • foreign intelligence (country studies);
  • promoting security through, for example:
    1. the national Safety and Security System;
    2. security screenings;
    3. the evaluation of information security products.

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