Cookies is part of the central government's online platform (Platform Rijksoverheid Online – PRO). Like all other government websites that are part of PRO, this website uses analytical cookies and web statistics. Below, we explain when and what kind of cookies we use and to what ends your data may be used. No permission is needed for the use of cookies that are not privacy-sensitive.

Analytical cookies and web statistics are used only to understand how visitors use our website. 

Analytical cookies, which keep track of the number of monthly visits or the number of pages viewed by an individual visitor, help us improve our website and optimise the general user experience.

Limited visitor traceability

The Ministry of General Affairs has taken steps to limit the traceability of visitors who visit PRO websites - including - as much as possible.

The web statistics programme Piwik (Matamo) anonymises the final octet (number group) of every IP address, so that the address can no longer be traced back to an individual.

In brief, the following data is collected in Piwik (Matamo):

  • used hardware and software, such as an internet browser (Firefox, Safari etc.) or device (desktop, tablet etc.);
  • links followed to arrive at our website;
  • links clicked on our website;
  • used search terms in the website's search engine.

Go to for a more extensive overview of the cookies regarding web statistics for PRO websites.