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Jihadism on the web

In the past decade a wide variety of counter-terrorist measures and actions have been taken to ensure that jihadist organisations ...

Publication | 14-02-2012

Annual Report 2010

In its 2010 annual report, the General Intelligence and Security Service ( AIVD) states that there is a serious risk of digital ...

Annual report | 12-09-2011

Right-wing extremism and the extreme right in the Netherlands

The investigation into the extreme right-wing movement and right-wing extremist movement in the Netherlands is the longest ...

Publication | 28-07-2011

AIVD Analysis of vulnerability to espionage

The Dutch Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) acknowledges that economic, strategic, technical and scientific ...

Publication | 13-01-2011

Annual Report 2009

This annual report is a public account of the activities of the General Intelligence and Security Service (Algemene Inlichtingen- ...

Annual report | 29-09-2010

Local jihadist networks in the Netherlands

Since the attacks of 11 September 2001, academics and counterterrorism experts have gained a much improved understanding of ...

Publication | 01-07-2010

Resilience and Resistance

The report Weerstand en tegenkracht ('Resilience and Resistance') by the General Intelligence and Security Service of the ...

Publication | 14-04-2010

Three publications on espionage from AIVD and MIVD

The AIVD and the MIVD have published three brochures about the risks of espionage. These are: Espionage in the Netherlands, ...

Publication | 29-03-2010

'Resistance and opposition', stagnating growth of Salafi movement

The growth of the Salafi movement in our country is stagnating owing to increased resistance. This process is also reducing the ...

Publication | 15-03-2010

The Flames of Resistance

In recent times, opposition against asylum and immigration policy has begun to increase again and will continue to grow.

Publication | 05-03-2010