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Animal Rights Activism in the Netherlands

On 6 May 2002, the Netherlands was confronted with the assassination of Pim Fortuyn. As the perpetrator had a long history as an ...

Publication | 09-02-2005

Saudi influences in the Netherlands

The past few years have given cause to questions about the involvement of Saudi citizens, non-governmental organisations and ...

Publication | 06-01-2005

Espionage and security risks

This brochure provides information about undesirable intelligence activities in the Netherlands. Several foreign intelligence ...

Publication | 09-11-2004

Annual Report 2003

This annual report for 2003 provides insight into the AIVD’s efforts to examine the threat from international terrorism. It also ...

Annual report | 04-08-2004

Annual Report 2004

In 2004 the Netherlands was hit by a terrorist attack: the murder of film-director Theo van Gogh. The possibility of an attack ...

Annual report | 28-05-2004

Background of jihad recruits in the Netherlands

This memorandum gives a brief characterisation of persons in the Netherlands who are going through a process of recruitment for ...

Publication | 10-03-2004

Guidelines for Integrity Projects

It is of crucial importance that the citizens have confidence in the proper functioning of public administration. This confidence ...

Publication | 12-12-2003

Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

In this paper you will find information about proliferation risks. The paper is particularly meant for companies and scientific ...

Publication | 11-12-2003

Counter-terrorism in the Netherlands

'11 September’ has made us painfully aware of the fact that terrorism constitutes a threat to national security. Consequently, ...

Publication | 11-11-2003

Annual Report 2002

The threat posed by radical-Islamic terrorism is a serious threat. Despite the successes that have been booked in the fight ...

Annual report | 31-07-2003