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Radical views of Imams in the Netherlands less public

Imams and mosque administrators who follow the puritanical form of Islam known as salafism are adopting a less radical and ...

News item | 04-06-2004 | 00:00

Cabinet: More use to be made of intelligence

The scope for using information provided by the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) in criminal prosecutions is to ...

News item | 29-04-2004 | 00:00

Annual Report 2002 published

The threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism is substantial. Despite the successes recorded in the struggle against such ...

News item | 29-04-2003 | 12:14

Al-Aqsa balances frozen following AIVD investigation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has frozen all the resources of the Stichting Al-Aqsa in the Netherlands. The extension of any ...

News item | 09-04-2003 | 00:00

Additional measures against terrorism

An early warning system is to be introduced to inform government agencies, businesses and the public about the increased risk of ...

News item | 31-03-2003 | 00:00

Senate passes Intelligence and Security Services Act

The Senate has passed the new Intelligence and Security Services Act. Klaas De Vries, Minister of the Interior and Kingdom ...

News item | 06-02-2002 | 00:00

Safety and security important to both urban and information policy

Secure electronic information, like security in general, is becoming more important in our information society. Third parties ...

News item | 18-09-2001 | 00:00

BVD focuses on forces against integration

Some countries try to get a hold on ethnic minorities in the Netherlands or to control their political activities viamosques, ...

News item | 22-05-2001 | 10:53