Greater clarity concerning security screening criteria

The AIVD and its military counterpart, the MIVD, have drawn up a joint guide to make it clear what personal conduct and circumstances are taken into account during security screening procedures. The guide is available to those subject to such a procedure.

There has recently been growing demand for a greater insight into the factors considered when screening candidates for so-called positions involving confidentiality. In broad terms, the security services check their honesty, independence, loyalty and integrity. The new guide defines exactly what is meant by these criteria.

In addition, it outlines the indicators used in assessing whether a person is suitable for a position involving confidentiality. These are related to specific risks associated with the task in question. Factors taken into account include alcohol or drug dependency and susceptibility to corruption, although the weight attached to each of these indicators may vary from position to position. Ultimately, every screening procedure is different.

The guide also describes the objections and appeals procedure.