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  4. Bulletin of Acts, Orders and Decrees of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Bulletin of Acts, Orders and Decrees of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Leaflet | 07-09-2015

  5. Annual report 2014: Not only returnees but also “stay-at-homes” pose a threat

    The threat posed by jihadist terrorism does not only emanate from individuals who have left for Syria or Iraq and might be ...

    Annual report | 13-05-2015

  6. Personal conduct and circumstances guide

    This guide has been designed to clarify how personal conduct and circumstances are relevant to security screenings. It describes ...

    Publication | 01-11-2014

  7. The transformation of jihadism in the Netherlands

    The AIVD has observed a revival in jihadism in the Netherlands in recent years. One catalyst is the conflict in Syria, but other ...

    Publication | 01-10-2014

  8. Summary of report 'Transformation of jihadism in the Netherlands'

    Summary of the publication by the AIVD from june 2014: The transformation of jihadism in the Netherlands; swarm dynamics and new ...

    Publication | 30-06-2014

  9. Annual Report 2013

    Two of the suicide attacks in Syria and Iraq have been committed by Dutch individuals who had travelled to Syria. Today this was ...

    Annual report | 23-04-2014

  10. Left-wing activism and extremism in the Netherlands

    In this publication the AIVD presents the latest developments in left-wing activism and, in particular, left-wing extremism.

    Publication | 26-03-2014