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Publication AIVD: Offensive cyber-programmes - An ideal business model for states

AIVD-publication about offensive (state-sponsored) cyber-programmes: they have become an ideal business model for states.

Publication | 26-02-2020

Is there a law that defines national security?

The Intelligence and Security Services Act 2017 (Wiv 2017): although the term national security is used in the Act, no definition ...

Question and answer

Is the intelligence that the AIVD obtains admissible in a court?

Yes, for third parties the AIVD issues official reports, which contain the findings of an investigation. These reports may be ...

Question and answer

Is there a law that regulates tasks and authority of the AIVD other than the Wiv 2017?

Yes. The Wvo (Wet veiligheidsonderzoeken, Security Screening Act) regulates screening of candidates who have applied for ...

Question and answer

Does AIVD have authority to investigate? Or can AIVD participate in an investigation?

If the question refers to investigations pursuant to our legal duties, then the answer is: yes. If the question refers to a ...

Question and answer

Insight into targets: fifteen years of jihadist attacks in the West

The publication 'Insight into targets: fifteen years of jihadist attacks in the West' offers an insight into the actual targets ...

Publication | 29-07-2019

AIVD Annual Report 2018

Download the AIVD Annual Report on the year 2018. In this report, we look back on our activities of the past year.

Annual report | 14-05-2019

Letter on sanctions against Iran on the grounds of undesirable interference

Letter to the Parliament on sanctions against Iran on the grounds of undesirable interference.

Publication | 08-01-2019

Publication AIVD: The legacy of Syria - Global jihadism remains a threat to Europe

The conflict in Syria and the associated rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) had a major mobilising effect upon ...

Publication | 09-11-2018

Publication AIVD: right-wing extremism in the Netherlands, a phenomenon in flux

You can download this AIVD-publication on right-wing extremism in the Netherlands (2018) on this page.

Publication | 01-11-2018