Publication AIVD: Offensive cyber-programmes - An ideal business model for states

An offensive cyber-programme has become an ideal business model for states: the costs and risks are low, whereas the range and results are huge. This publication concludes with our assessment that this cyberthreat will persist for the near future.

What are state-sponsored cyber-attacks?

A state-sponsored cyber-attack is the unauthorised and often covert penetration of the digital systems of another state. These attacks can be divided into three categories:

  • Cyber-espionage: the use of digital means to obtain the sensitive or confidential information of another state for one’s own strategic aims.
  • Cyber-influencing: the use of digital means to interfere with another state’s interests.
  • Cyber-sabotage: the use of digital means to damage, disrupt, or destroy (vital) systems and processes in another country.