Publication 'Cyberespionage: are you aware of the risks?'

This joint publication by the AIVD and MIVD sheds a light on cyberespionage and the preventive measures businesses and agencies can take to minimalize the threat.

Image: ©iStockphoto

The tricks criminals use to break into your computer feature regularly in the media. However, the existence of hostile state actors, meaning other countries, which attempt to steal sensitive information from businesses and government agencies is a much lesser known threat.

Hostile state actors sometimes use the same techniques as criminals, but the economic damage they cause is often much more significant. Other countries are usually after industrial and military secrets, sensitive information which can be used as leverage, or the opportunity to remotely operate corporate systems.

Brochure on cyberespionage awareness

Awareness of this type of threat is increasing, but businesses and agencies are not sufficiently informed on how to protect themselves against such attacks. The AIVD and MIVD therefore regularly give advice on preventive measures. In addition to this advice, the AIVD has also published a brochure with suggestions for businesses and agencies.

The brochure is provided as a handout at advisory meetings, but it can also be downloaded from this website.

Context and concrete measures

One aspect of the brochure details aspects and issues decision makers should pay attention to. The brochure also contains a list of measures to minimalize the threat.

The list will be useful to create awareness of these threats at the most senior corporate management levels. ICT departments can then immediately get to work in order to improve a company's digital security.