The Intelligence and Security Services Act 2017 (Wiv 2017) entrusts the AIVD with the following six main tasks.

  1. (a) To conduct investigations with regard to organisations and persons, who, either because of the objectives they pursue or through their activities, give cause for serious suspicion that they pose a threat to the continued existence of the democratic legal order, or to the security or to other vital interests of the state.
  2. (b) To conduct security screenings as referred to in the Security Screening Act.
  3. (c) To promote measures to protect the interests referred to under (a), including measures to protect data whose confidentiality is a matter of national security and those parts of the government services and the business sector that, in the opinion of the Ministers responsible, are of vital importance for the preservation of society.
  4. (d) To conduct investigations concerning other countries.
  5. (e) To draw up threat and risk analyses at the joint request of the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Minister of Justice and Security for the benefit of the protection of the persons referred to in Article 4(3)(b) and 42(1)(c) of the Police Act 2012, as well as to guard and protect the objects and services designated pursuant to Article 16 of that Act.
  6. (f) Upon a request to this effect from a person or body jointly designated by a regulation from the Ministers concerned, tot report on data processed by the service concerning persons or bodies in the cases designated by said regulation.

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