Regulatory commission

The special investigatory powers that the AIVD can apply in their investigations are monitored by two independent regulatory commissions.

The first commission, the Investigatory Powers Commission (Toetsingscommissie Inzet Bevoegdheden, – TIB), reviews beforehand whether our request to use a special intelligence resource – wiretapping a communication device, for example – is legal or not (their judgment is legally binding).

The second independent commission, the Oversight Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services (Commissie van Toezicht op de Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdiensten, – CTIVD), retrospectively monitors our compliancy with both the Wiv 2017 Act and the Security Screening Act (Wet Veiligheidsonderzoeken, WVO).

Subject to a legal obligation to confidentiality, this body is entitled to inspect any information it wishes. It also regularly reports on the lawfulness of our intelligence work.

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