What are the advantages of eOPG for employees?

Using eOPG (electronic application form) has several advantages.

After logging into eOPG with your DigiD token, you can immediately get started with compiling the correct digital OPG. You can choose to have the system precompile information for you and your direct family members on the basis of the municipal Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen, BRP), to avoid errors and improve data quality.

After the digital OPG has been filled in fully and you have applied your digital signature with your DigiD token, the entire application is sent directly to the AIVD. Your (prospective) employer will receive an automatic email message notifying them of the submission of the application.

The submission of security screening applications through eOPG rather than by using the existing pdf forms is quicker and more efficient, both for you and for the (prospective) employer.