After I have compiled a security screening application in eOPG, the applicant decides to use the pdf version of the personal information submission form. Will I be notified and will it still be possible to submit the application through eOPG?

It is recommended to discuss the manner in which the security screening application will be submitted with the applicant to verify whether the applicant is willing and able to use eOPG. This is to prevent undue delay in the application process.

Should the applicant decide in eOPG to use the pdf version after all, you will be notified automatically by email. In that case it will not be possible to complete the security screening application in eOPG; the complete application will have to be submitted using the pdf forms.

In the email sent to the applicant it states that if the applicant decides to use the pdf forms, then he or she should immediately  contact their (prospective) employer submitting the application to discuss the steps to be taken in such an eventuality.