Information security

It is important to be aware of the security regarding your questionnaire.

The information on the AIVD’s website is encrypted with SSL, which is recognised via the padlock symbol in the browser. It is possible to verify the certificate data by double-clicking on this symbol. You are responsible for the security of information on your own computer.

A few tips.

Do not save the digital version of your Questionnaire on a computer you do not trust or on a computer to which somenone else has access.

Delete the file with the completed Questionnaire from your computer after the security screening has been concluded (make sure you also empty the trash can of the computer). N.B. if it turns out during the screening that you did not complete the form correctly, you will be requested to complete the missing information. If you deleted the whole form, then you will have to fill it all out again. That is why it is important to keep the completed State of Information until the security screening has been concluded, but delete it straight after that.

Use recent versions of your operating system and of your web browser. Make sure that you have installed all relevant security updates (N.B. recent operating systems do this automatically).

Use a virus scanner and make sure this is provided with recent updates.

Do not download any files of which you do not know the origins and do not click on links sent via unasked e-mails.