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  1. Publication Anti-institutional extremism in the Netherlands

    This publication is meant to provide an insight into the threat posed by anti-institutional extremism to the democratic legal ...

    Publication | 07-11-2023

  2. 24/2 - The Russian attack on Ukraine: a turning point in history

    The Russian Federation's attack on Ukraine last year has far-reaching consequences for European security and global stability. ...

    Publication | 17-03-2023

  3. AI-systems: develop them securely

    More and more computer systems are using AI or incorporating ML models. In this new publication, the AIVD shares ways AI systems ...

    Publication | 15-02-2023

  4. Threat Assessment State-sponsored Actors 2 (TASA)

    The aim of this publication (TASA 2) and additional infosheet is to increase awareness of the nature and scope of the threat from ...

    Publication | 13-02-2023

  5. Prepare for the threat of quantumcomputers

    Read about the threat posed by quantum computers and learn what measures you can take to protect yourself against it.

    Publication | 18-01-2022

  6. Cyber-attacks by state actors: seven moments to stop an attack

    Dutch (government) organisations and companies are being targeted on a large scale by cyber-attacks by state actors. This ...

    Publication | 29-11-2021

  7. Espionage, how to recognise and counter it

    This AIVD-publication informs people on how to protect themselves against espionage andwhat they can do to counter these attempts.

    Publication | 17-07-2020

  8. Publication AIVD: Offensive cyber-programmes - An ideal business model for states

    AIVD-publication about offensive (state-sponsored) cyber-programmes: they have become an ideal business model for states.

    Publication | 26-02-2020

  9. Insight into targets: fifteen years of jihadist attacks in the West

    The publication 'Insight into targets: fifteen years of jihadist attacks in the West' offers an insight into the actual targets ...

    Publication | 29-07-2019

  10. Publication AIVD: The legacy of Syria - Global jihadism remains a threat to Europe

    The conflict in Syria and the associated rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) had a major mobilising effect upon ...

    Publication | 09-11-2018