The AIVD: Who we are

The AIVD has 3 directorates and is led by a management team of 5 people: the 3 directors and the director-general and the deputy director-general.

Head of the AIVD

Director-general of the AIVD: Drs. H.W.M. (Dick) Schoof

Deputy director-general of the AIVD: Mr. M.J. (Marja) Horstman

Central Staff

The central staff gives advice and support to the management and the organisation regarding political and administrative matters, security, legal affairs, communication and control.

Intelligence Directorate

The Intelligence Directorate conducts investigations, issues information and mobilises third parties to safeguard the democratic legal order and national security, to actively reduce risks itself, and to contribute to the formulation of Dutch foreign policy.

Operations Directorate

The Operations Directorate carries out operational activities to support investigations on behalf of the Intelligence Directorate. The National Signals Security Bureau (Nationaal Bureau voor Verbindingsbeveiliging, NBV) and the Joint Sigint Cyber Unit (JSCU) both fall under under this directorate.

Netherlands National Communications Security Agency, NBV

A unit of the AIVD, the Netherlands National Communications Security Agency (NBV) promotes the protection of crucial government information. As a government partner and advisor, and because of its unique qualities when it comes to information security, the NBV makes an active and tangible contribution to national security in the Netherlands.

Joint Sigint Cyber Unit

In the Joint Sigint Cyber Unit (JSCU) the AIVD and MIVD have joint forces. The two services have

combined their expertise and resources in the field of Signals Intelligence (Sigint) and Cyberacitivities. With the interception of (tele) communications the JSCU supports teams that investigate threats to the Netherlands and the armed forces. In the framework of the National Cyber Security Strategy, JSCU specialists are also helping to safeguard the Dutch Internet.

Security Screenings & Business Administration Directorate

This directorate is not only responsible for security screenings, but also for internal products and services as well as for information management.

Businessunit Security Screenings

This unit safeguards our national security by screening or ‘vetting' individuals who (wish to) hold a so-called position involving confidentiality, by advising designating ministers when they are compiling draft lists of such positions, and by ensuring on behalf of the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations that actual designations are reasonable and proportionate.