The AIVD and you

There are a number of ways in which you may come into contact with the AIVD.

If you want information about the AIVD

The AIVD has a Communications Department, which issues general information about the service. It can be contacted through the main AIVD telephone number.

If you want to pass on information to the AIVD

You may notice something suspicious which you think the AIVD might be interested in. If so, you can contact the service at any time, preferably by telephone. All information received is treated in the strictest confidence. Alternatively, you can report anything suspicious to the local police.

If the AIVD asks you for information

It is possible that you, your company or your organisation may be contacted by the AIVD with a request to help with an investigation into a particular person or organisation. You are never under any obligation to co-operate with the service.

If you undergo a security screening by the AIVD

It is quite possible that you may at some time be screened by the AIVD: there are some 90,000 designated “positions involving confidentiality” in the Netherlands, for which the holders need security clearance. These are posts, in both government and the private sector, in which abuse of office could endanger national security. The AIVD always conducts a screening if you hold or are nominated for one of these positions. There are several levels of clearance. For a so-called “A position”, you will be interviewed personally by an AIVD officer. For a “B” or “C” position, that is not usually the case. Screening is never conducted without your knowledge: before it can begin, you must give the AIVD written permission to proceed.

If you ask to see your file

If you suspect that the AIVD holds a file on you, or has done so in the past, you can submit a request to inspect it.